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DARK Chocolates

tab dark chocolate 80% cocoa pure origin Ecuador

Dark 80% COCOA


A sensational experience for chocolate lovers. Without added butter, surprisingly rich and aromatic, this 80% cocoa mass Ecuador origin combines both floral flavours (jasmine, rose) and strong flavour of cocoa. We call it “The gold seed”.
Tab dark chocolate organic fair trade

Dark 70% COCOA

Without added cocoa butter, this characterful chocolate 70% cocoa mass in made with cocoa beans from our different origins. Its mouth feel is rich and lingering with mild acidity. <strong>Very pleasing !</strong>
tab dark organic fair trade chocolate fleur de sel

Dark 70% COCOA

fleur de sel

Discover the crunch of fleur de sel combined to our chocolate 70% cocoa Dominican Republic origin. A compelling addictive mix!
tab dark organic fair trade chocolate raspberries

Dark 55% COCOA

with raspberries

Soft and fruity dark chocolate manufactured with a blend of cocoa beans from our different origins associated with pieces of dried raspberry. For lovers of red fruit...
tab dark organic fair trade chocolate orange

Dark 55% COCOA


A mixture of dark chocolate with subtle tones associated with the aroma of mild Sicilian oranges… A true delicacy.
Tab milk organic fair trade chocolate

Milk 36% COCOA

Although our speciality is dark chocolate, we applied ourselves to produce this product with excellent eating qualities and the best balance of cocoa solids/milk/sugar. For lovers of milk chocolate.

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